Day 0082 – Reflection
November 20, 2010, 4:44 am
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We are fast approaching the end of the semester.  Here is where things start to get interesting.

First up we are planning a Symposium for the program in early December.  The date is still up in the air (most likely the 15th) I will post as soon as it is official.  The event is going to be a mix of innovation, technology, and collaboration.  One of the highlights is going to be a modified Pecha Kucha ( in which everybody in program does 14 slides for 14 seconds.  The theme is creativity.  Should be very informative.

Second thing that is capturing a lot of my attention these days is ZBrush.  The first day of orientation we got  a demo from Joshua Buck on what the program can do.  I was instantly drawn to it and ordered a copy.  Two months later it showed up, which is probably a good thing because I know it would have distracted me from learning Action Script 3.0.  It is a 3D modeling program used for character design.  One of the greatest things is you can output your model to a 3D printer.  I have always been interested in toy design and this would be a way to explore that.

The user interface is very intuitive. I showed the program to my niece and nephew (11,7) and they picked it up fast.  You can push and pull the surfaces (similar to clay) and add textures using bump maps and alpha channels.  I know you can also paint the models but I haven’t figured it out.  I will continue to work on this monster dude and post more as it progresses.

Here are some shots of my first creation.  Check out the detail. Amazing.

Third thing I wanted to mentioned is that I am redesigning my website in Flash.  I will keep the same look and feel but really like the programs coding tools and the ability to integrate motion and animation.  I will post url when it is complete.

Lots of final projects in the works; A Collaboration Manifesto, A Farmville Painting Application, and a Maze of Good and Evil just to name a few.  I have learned so much in such a short period of time, I am looking forward to a time when the technology is not an obstacle but a tool to help me explore and create new digital worlds.


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Coby – so amazing – what a treat. Can’t wait to see you tonight. wl Pa

Comment by Peter Brownell

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